Using fgrep command in linux

Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Linux grep command is a string and pattern matching utility that displays matching lines from multiple files.

It also works with piped output from other commands. We show you how. The grep command is famous in Linux and Unix circles for three reasons. Firstly, it is tremendously useful. Secondly, the wealth of options can be overwhelming. Thirdly, it was written overnight to satisfy a particular need. The first two are bang on; the third is slightly off.

Ken Thompson had extracted the regular expression search capabilities from the ed editor pronounced ee-dee and created a little program—for his own use—to search through text files. McMahon was trying to identify the authors of the Federalist papers through textual analysis. He needed a tool that could search for phrases and strings within text files. Thompson spent about an hour that evening making his tool a general utility that could be used by others and renamed it as grep. You can watch Thompson talking to Brian Kernighan about the birth of grep.

To search for a string within a file, pass the search term and the file name on the command line:. Matching lines are displayed. In this case, it is a single line. The matching text is highlighted. This is because on most distributions grep is aliased to:.

We can cause grep to be completely silent. The result is passed to the shell as a return value from grep.

using fgrep command in linux

A result of zero means the string was found, and a result of one means it was not found. To search through nested directories and subdirectories, use the -r recursive option. The symbolic link is followed and the directory it points to is searched by grep too.

By default, grep will match a line if the search target appears anywhere in that line, including inside another string. Look at this example. The -E extended regexp option allows you to search for multiple words. The -E option replaces the deprecated egrep version of grep. You can also search for multiple terms that are not necessarily whole words, but they can be whole words too.

The -e patterns option allows you to use multiple search terms on the command line.

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The -o only matching option does just that. The display is reduced to showing only the text that matches the search term, instead of the entire matching line. We can make grep count for us in different ways. If we want to know how many times a search term appears in a file, we can use the -c count option. You can make grep display the line number for each matching line by using the -n line number option. To reduce the number of results that are displayed, use the -m max count option.After going through all the commands and examples, you will learn how to use grep to search files for a text from the terminal.

Note : A line does not represent a line of text as viewed on the terminal screen. A line in a text file is a sequence of characters until a line break is introduced.

The output of grep commands may contain whole paragraphs unless the search options are refined. Grep is an acronym that stands for G lobal R egular E xpression P rint. The text search pattern is called a regular expression.

When it finds a match, it prints the line with the result. The grep command is handy when searching through large log files. The grep command consists of three parts in its most basic form.

The first part starts with grepfollowed by the pattern that you are searching for. After the string comes the file name that the grep searches through.

The command can contain many options, pattern variations, and file names. Combine as many options as necessary to get the results you need. Below are the most common grep commands with examples. Note: Grep is case-sensitive. Make sure to use the correct case when running grep commands.

Linux cut command summary with examples

To print any line from a file that contains a specific pattern of characters, in our case phoenix in the file sample2run the command:. Grep will display every line where there is a match for the word phoenix. When executing this command, you do not get exact matches. Instead, the terminal prints the lines with words containing the string of characters you entered.

Here is an example:. This includes blank spaces or any symbol. To search multiple files with the grep command, insert the filenames you want to search, separated with a space character. In our case, the grep command to match the word phoenix in three files samplesample2and sample3 looks like this example:.The Linux grep command is used as a method for filtering input. GREP stands for Global Regular Expression Printer and therefore in order to use it effectively, you should have some knowledge about regular expressions.

In this article, you will learn a number of examples that will help you understand the grep command. Imagine you have a text file called books with the following children's book titles:. To find all the books with the word "The" in the title you would use the following syntax:. The following results will be returned:. In each case, the word "The" will be highlighted. The search is case sensitive so if one of the titles had "the" instead of "The" then it would not have been returned.

To ignore the case you can add the following switch:. You can also use the -i switch as follows:. The grep command is very powerful. You can use a multitude of pattern matching techniques to filter results.

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In this example, we will show you how to search for a string in a file using wildcards. Imagine you have a file called places with the following Scottish place names:. If you want to find all the places with inver in the name use the following syntax:. In the context of grep, which deals in regular expressions, the asterisk behaves differently. Instead of matching any or no characters, like it Bash, it matches the entered pattern plus any or no subsequent repetitions of that pattern.

In the example above, it matches:. To see this again more clearly, add:. No, it doesn't make much sense, but it will demonstrate how the asterisk works. Try running the command again. Do you see the new line? That wouldn't work in Bash, but it does here. To make things even stranger, run the command without the asterisk.

The results are the same. By default, grep will look for a pattern any place that it appears in string of text. It doesn't differentiate how many times it appears either.

Another wildcard you can use is the period. You can use this to match a single letter. The above command would find places called inverurie and inverary but wouldn't find invereerie because there can only be one wildcard between the two r's as denoted by the single period.

The period wildcard is useful but it can cause problems if you have one as part of the text you are searching.Have you ever thought that the search features offered by text editors are rather simple? It can be quite difficult to search through files, especially if you want to search for text that matches a pattern. The grep command allows you to perform advanced searches on a text file.

It allows you to search a particular file using patterns called regular expressions. Take this quiz to get offers and scholarships from top bootcamps and online schools! Grep can be used on any file to check for pattern matches using global regular expression. It is often used to search for a string in a log file from a Linux and Unix command line.

The most simple usage of the grep command is looking for a line of text in a file. This file contains a list of ingredients needed to make a muffin:. We could do this using the grep command:. You need to surround your search query in either single or double quotes if it is more than one word. We have opted to do it anyway in this example because it is good practice.

Our command returns:. By default, the grep command returns a list of all the lines in a file which match a particular query. Grep will match our query with the input file and return all the text on a line that meets that query. The grep command is commonly used to filter the output of a command. Grep can search multiple files for a particular query.

Consider the following command:. You may want to find out what line of text a particular phrase appears on. You can do this using the -n option, which displays line numbers alongside the result of a grep:. Our file contains two lines with the text ml. These phrases appear on lines 2 and 3. The grep command allows you to display text that does not match a pattern. To do this, we will assume that liquid ingredients are measured in mls:.

The grep command is case sensitive by default.

Linux fgrep command

This means that if you search for a term, it will only return terms which match that case. You can use the -i option to ignore cases. This command returns: 2 medium eggs. If we did not specify the -i flag, this command would return nothing. The grep command, by default, shows all the lines of text in a file which matches a particular pattern.

using fgrep command in linux

You can override this and instruct grep to only show the names of the files containing a pattern using the -l flag. Consider this command:. The grep command displays all the lines of text in a file where the string is contained within a larger string. To count the number of lines that match a particular query, you can use the -c option:. You can print out the lines of text in a file that appear before or after the result of a search.On Unix-like operating systems, the fgrep command searches for fixed- character strings in a file or files.

By specifying that your search string contains fixed characters, you don't need to escape each of them with a backslash. If your string contains newlineseach line will be considered an individual fixed-character string to be matched in the search. Running fgrep is the same as running grep with the -F option. Home Help Linux. Description Syntax Examples Related commands Linux commands help.

Was this page useful? Precede each line by the block number on which it was found. This can be useful in locating block numbers by context first block is 0. Print the names of files with matching lines once, separated by new-lines. Does not repeat the names of files when the pattern is found more than once. Work silently, that is, display nothing except error messages. This is useful for checking the error status.

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using fgrep command in linux

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Example Uses of the Linux grep Command

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